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Born in Casablanca, living in Marrakesh. His journey through electronic music began in an early age, he started making music at the age of 14 years old. He is a music producer, DJ, sound designer and half team of “Aberton”, a project and label he ran in 2014 with the DJ and producer based in Italy “Nicolo Berton”. In 2018, with his friend and business associate “Ibrahim Ettalabi” he luanched a sub-label “Medina Records”, a “Musical Exploration Driven by Independant New Artists” around the globe. The idea behind this label is to take the one into a journey of pure music listening and exploring pleasure. Abel Ray tracks and remixes are released under : Cr2 Records (UK), Nightcolours (UK), Prah Recordings (UK), Moshi Moshi Music (UK), Aberton Records (IT), Radiant (ZRH), House Tribe Records (LA), Voyeur Music (FR), Medina Records (RAK)

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