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"Round The World Girls": SS x Mixtape Club

At the very very start of our Sicaria Sound journey - back when we were at uni studying Geography & volunteering as radio producers - we created a project called Round the World Girls in ode to Tes La Rok's remix of Uncle Sam's track of the same name. The plan was a six part series to sonically travel across the globe through our DJ mixes, picking up producers along the way from various countries / who’s music was inspired by their environment or heritage. We only made it to the first episode before being offered a regular radio show which dominated our time and creative output, so we banked the concept for later. Five years on we've re-ignited our OG concept via Mixtape Club (big up Finn & Tom for the invite), collectively repping 33+ countries (that we know of). Artwork by the incredible Fa & Fon. Enjoy! x

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