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Selected Ambient & IDM pt. 2

A selection of Lackluster songs to keep your mind at peace... (Part Two)

This playlist was created having quite a specific mood in mind.

While browsing Lackluster's discography (there's a lot to find there), I noticed some songs had this unique "Selected Ambient Works -feel" over them.
Being an Aphex Twin admirer, this came as a true surprise to me and since the songs in question appeared over many different releases, I couldn't let go of the idea to curate my own playlist.

During this creating process, I decided to allow a wider selection of songs, as some other Lackluster songs pleasantly reminded me of the 2015 "user18081971" Soundcloud uploads by RDJ.

To me, the resulting two playlists (pt. 1 and pt. 2), are a collection of hidden treasure.

While the majority of the songs can be categorized as Ambient and IDM, other styles like Broken Beat, Experimental, Downtempo and Minimal are included in the playlists as well.


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