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Oscillate Mix #40 - Cheng NWSH

Next Oscillate Mix is up :)

Oscillate Mix #40 comes from DJ, promoter and label co-owner Cheng NWSH (pronounced: 'nwaaaaaaa-shheeeeeeee'). This vinyl-only mix is anything but straight forward: Cheng easily blends garage, drum and bass and electro into an exciting story of high energy feel-good vibes. Apart from being a prolific selector and DJ, Cheng is also part of the promoter crew, label and radio hosts Awkwardly Social and appears regularly on radio stations like HÖR and Refuge Worldwide. Check out the links below to see his mixing skills live on youtube and listen to the radio show Beyond Front Left alongside Alice Austin on Refuge. You can see him live at the Awkwardly Social event on September 11th at ://about blank:

Full track list:
Lloyd SB - Pirate Bay (TSVI Remix)
Wordcolour - I Waited For You This Morning
Adam Pits - International Wafter (Ciel's Vocal Re-Fix)
DJ Sunroof - Regrowth
DJ Frankie - K7 (Original Mix)
Future Meta Laser - Fml05  FJAAK ft. J. Manuel - XoXp0rt (Cocktail Party Effect remix)
Moscow Legend - Krush
AUX88 - Alien Life Form
Denham Audio - Check 1
DJ Sunroof - Fresh & Low
Sully - Charms
Mani Festo - Can't Give Up On You
Adam F - Apocalypse
Amy Dabbs - Second Thoughts
THUGWIDOW - Invisible Shell Of Energy

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