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RWDFWD Vinyl Drop

A list of tracks taken from our recent order from the depths of Bristol's cultural underground. Anarchy-Techno Punk, HorrorshowTechno, Overcast Dub...

RWDFWD — the distributors helmed by Ossia, Tape Echo design studio, Bokeh Versions and Avon Terror Corp crew — is arguably the pin which, with a tenacious and hardcore spirit, holds Bristol's DIY underground together against the waves of commercialism and gentrification in the city.  

Fielding their stock across the world, RWDFWD waves the flag for the rough-edged sound which Bristol has been internationally celebrated for in recent years. Not nearly enough, by our reckoning: the spirit of DIY runs in the veins both in Bristol and here in the Czech Republic, so by way of introduction we picked a selection of their finest cuts, and had them shipped to Noise Kitchen. 

This list takes a selection from most of the records and tapes we ordered. Veering from the hardest dance music to the deepest, dubbiest ambient, it showcases the breadth of sound operations going on in the city, and by affiliation with the various labels that Bristol houses. 

On Friday 2 July we'll be hosting an event to sell these. RSVP here.

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