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Muito 04: curated by Verraco

by Muito

The Colombian producer shares an assorted selection with a focus on artists from the region.

Born in the mountains of Medellin, Verraco is one of the essential figures of the Latin American and international scene. Co-founder of the Insurgentes and Trax Trax labels, which have become key platforms for the new sounds of the region, Verraco is one of those responsible for amplifying and promoting the most risky of the local electronic scene. The collision of techno, the legacy of southern England and the traditional rhythms of the region, find place in the philosophy of mestizo–futurismOur strength resides in a mestizaje between machine, human, posthuman, nature and matter. We've been cyborgs for decades, we get it, children of technoscience and biopower, blurring the borders between animal and human, between organism and machine, and between the physical and ethereal." (The Mestizx - Futurist Manifesto).

His debut album, Grial, was received by critics as "Colombian electronica at its highest level; a bold and inventive statement full of polyrhythms and exuberant atmospheres".

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