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Ursula Sereghy: Lunchmeat Festival 2021

With the 12th edition of Prague's Lunchmeat Festival in full swing, we invited local Czech musician Ursula Sereghy to put together a playlist.

"This is a list of my favourite songs. I started with the Polish and Czech scene and then I melted into how beautiful music is and geopolitical context slipped away. So it is coherent only by my taste and non conceptual. These artists make great music and are on small labels, but cannot pay rent with what they do."

Ursula's early musical experience saw her performing live in jazz bands as a self-taught saxophonist before expanding her repertoire to modular synthesis, making use of Synth Library Prague — a community space for women, non-binary and trans people to practice and record music using music equipment donated to the project by the likes of Erika Synths, Bastl Instruments, and Arturia.

Her freshly-released album, 'OK Box', for Czech imprint Gin&Platonic showcases a dizzying approach to sound, chaotic and frenzied but also with a clear and precise vision. It's a sonic identity that is reflected in her selections for her playlist, featuring some of Ursula's favourite songs, predominantly from undersung acts from Czechia, Poland and the surrounding area, such as SHAPE Platform artist Julek Ploski, music from Ploski's Glamour label, and more on Gin&Platonic.

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