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Jesse G: 12 Years of Inverted Audio

Ahead of Inverted Audio's 12 Year Anniversary, Jesse G put together a playlist of club tracks that reflect her current sound and influences.

Ahead of Inverted Audio's 12 Year Anniversary at ÆDEN on September 3, we invited Berlin-based DJ and Hard Wax employee Jesse G to piece together a Buy Music Club playlist of club tracks that represent a part of her sound and influences at this moment.

After making waves with her own ‘Deep Trouble’ parties in Berlin, Jesse G has been coming to our attention through some expertly executed DJ sets and has been able to showcase her exquisite taste on HÖR, proving to listeners that there is another side to techno than untz untz. She also holds down a job at Hard Wax record store in Berlin where she has been meticulously listening to and purchasing some of the best releases that electronic music has to offer.

"I would describe my current sound as a mix of metallic sounds, grooves, different rhythms and a bit of weirdness sometimes but I think a track list alone can’t fully cover a DJ’s sound, influence and DJ style but rather offer a small impression. I prefer if people make up their own mind about my sound, therefore I’m always a bit reserved when it comes to describing 'my sound'."

12 Years of Inverted Audio with GiGi FM, Vivian Koch, DJ Heartbreak, Jesse G takes place at ÆDEN on September 3.


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