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Music For Daylight Savings - by BOCCONCINI

I feel like something clicked when the sun stayed out this past weekend. Having the afternoon sunlight hang around a little longer made it felt like everyone shedded their hibernation coats and went outside and really enjoyed themselves for the first time in a long while. So this playlist is for when you’re sitting in the sun at almost 6 in the evening. A cool change has just started to make its way through. Maybe you’re sitting in your backyard, sipping on a tinnie, unbothered by still being in your salty but now mostly dried swimmers. Maybe you’re in a park, drinking wine on a rug with friends. Wherever you are it’s warm, sunny, and almost dinner time. Some of the releases are more meditative and ambient, some a little more dance friendly. Hopefully something on this list here is your ideal music for daylight savings.

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