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Forest Rave Playlist 4 Kymani

by dmlln

I am still mentally in a that rave in the forest. I still go back to my iPhone pics to recall the natural beauty that triggers all kinds of acid-infused memories surrounded by sand live oaks, and the occasional huge ass bugs in the middle of beautiful Florida swampy jungle. This picture I uploaded for this playlist depicts the beautiful sight of a night foggy mist seeping through the oak branches at dawn, but it can't protray the awesome music and the magical atmosphere that was nurtured by great DJs like you, and ravers like me. 

I really enjoyed our conversation about our passions with music and life in general and how cutee we both looked that night :) I appreciate you for inspiring me and encouraging me to pursue my artistic endeavors.

I loved your idea of exchanging our music taste by making a playlist for each other, so here it is......this playlist ranges from ny and chicago hard trance, icelandic psy-trance, industrial and modular darkcore techno, uk house music, post-reggaeton, tribal techno, some local Orlando chill house, a post-internet-rave screamo record and I even threw in some Italo Disco...

It was great meeting you Kymani. I hope you enjoy this playlist babe. I can't wait to get yours 😛

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