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Sinistarr Defrostatica Top 5+

Sinistarr from Detroit picks his favourite Defrostatica tracks and then some!

Sinistarr - dj and producer from Detroit now Denver resident - picks his favourite Defrostatica tracks and then some! 

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Sinistarr released incredible drum and bass music on Creative Source, Metalheadz, Exit, Renegade hardware and also Defrostatica. He picked his five favourite Defrostatica tracks for your inspiration and then some more recommendations:

1 Maltin Worf - City Of Meth 2: Some great hip-hop meets footwork sounds in this one, especially on "Old Love" - a staple in my sets.

2 Dispondant - Acid Jazz EP: Dispondant is dope when you need some dystopian footwork/electro sounds and rhythms and this EP delivers as usual. Check "Controller Weapon" and "Warehouse Acid" for the best examples of his style.

3 Detroits Filthiest - Honor Amongst Thieves EP: The founder of Ghettotech and close friend and collaborator of mine from the 313 dropped a heater of jams for Defrostatica - honestly the whole thing is good, it's hard to pick one track.

4 Homesick - Burnout 2099 EP: I've literally watched HomeSick grow and shape into one ruthless producer, and the Burnout 2099 EP showcases that fully - the title track and the collab with So Loki stick out.

5 Kiat - Leipzig EP: Deep, lush cuts from my OG from Singapore. "Brooklyn" and the remix from Agzilla are a mood... Fine work yet again.

6 Blue Hawaii - I Felt Love: This one is from a great group from Montreal that caught my attention while looking for music online. The track "I Felt Love" is lush and reminds me of some early electro. “Where are the Keys???” continues this style and screams chic – I feel like I could hear that track as the background music on an OG Playstation title. Lovely.

7 Sully x Karborn - The Dancer: Not sure I need to say too much more about Sully and his amazing work, but here we are. This tape with Karver reminds me of the first tapes and CDs I got that started my journey into jungle music... Each track sounds like they came from that time and Sully just teleported into summer 2020 with a bag of dubplates - except he made every single track on this cassette. All in all -- this entire tape is 100% right-for-the-times listening, that’s for sure.

8 Los Hermanos Detroit - Quetzal: A gem in the Detroit electronic music catalog… Either enjoy it at this speed or jit to it at 160bpm (or 45 | +/- 8 for my vinyl crew) – either way, it works fully on any level.

9 Jon Dixon - Times Of Change: Jon Dixon is a massive part of the future faces of Detroit music - let it be known. Techno people know him from Underground Resistance, Drum and Bass people know him from featuring on Goldie’s latest album, The Journeyman… he’s everywhere, love to see it! This EP is clean – the title track and “Move 4WRD” with Britt Frappier send me soaring.

10 Clarity - Off The Cuff: I heard my good friend Gremlinz play this recently and I totally forgot about this – it’s the most 2020-sounding tune made in 2012, and no better place than on Exit to have it, call me biased :p . Clarity is still doing fine work out here, and this is one of the blueprints of that journey to now.

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