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CTM 2022 Contact

A curated playlist of releases by artists performing at CTM 2022 Festival

CTM 2022 will take place as a hybrid edition 19 January – 6 February 2022 in Berlin. One of the most important things that music and a music festival like CTM can bring about is contact – with diverse sonic worlds, communities, and experiences, but also between traditions, temporalities, geographies. As the social functions of music and festivals have been weakened, and as we grapple with a multiplicity of waves and meanings of »reopening,« CTM 2022 aims to highlight the importance of creating space for many forms of contact, and to reflect on their requirements. How can we revive, rethink, and strengthen music and its spaces of possibility for exchange and emotional resonance? Because without new and challenging forms of contact in the present, we cannot expect a more collective, just, and joyful future.

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