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chromasy w/ Varsity Star - Balamii // May 2021

NYC based producer Varsity Stay joins the show for a guest mix!


A couple of years ago, I started learning Touch Designer - code based software that can be used for reactive audio-visual exploration and experiments, amongst many other things. When searching for other users and their work, I stumbled across Elliot who had posted some bits of his music with visuals he had created. Further down the rabbit hole I find myself on his Bandcamp and purchasing his music to put into one of my early Balamii shows...

Since then we've kept in contact and I thought it'd be great to get him on the show for a guest mix...
We've had it booked in since December - so I'm glad I'm still on the air to put the show out with him!

Elliot goes under the moniker of Varsity Star.
Regular listeners will be familiar with his woozy beats and slurred synth stylings.

Hailing from New York City, Elliot is based out of Brooklyn.
This will be the first artist from the States on the show!

The first hour with myself delves into my favourite releases over the past couple of months.
Including a wide range of ambient material, followed up by more beat orientated discoveries.

During the show, I echo a sentiment I've seen across social media - which I'll type here too...
With Bandcamp Fridays finishing, that doesn't mean the artists no longer need our support.
Let's try and treat everyday like a Bandcamp Friday or a Record Store day and support what you love with the enthusiasm BCF gave everyone.

If you're not always in the position to, that's okay - you can always tune into Balamii to hear all the musical offerings the shows can provide for free.

Here are some personal recommendations to shows that have crossovers with mine:
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Night Cycle w/ Si Edwards 
Sun In Your Head w/ Adam Barkley
Voidstepping w/ Crystal

Iterations w/ ex.sses
Brain Massage w/ Nat Tong


Matt Burgess

Resolution Radio

There is also the Genres page for further deep-diving!

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