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chromasy w/ The Braindance Commune - Balamii // August 2021

This month focuses on artists from The Braindance Commune with mause joining for guest mix duties!


Brighton based mause first featured on the show back in February, where I played his track Ultralife Zprit, taken from the Massage Brain Cult compilation. In that same show I mentioned I caught his performance at a virtual festival called BRAINRAVE hosted by Braindance News...

Fast-foward 6-months and here we are - BRAINRAVE2 went ahead in July where I joined The Braindance Commune in contributing sets for a 2-day onslaught of various experimental electronic music - it was a sensory overload in all the best ways!

Funnily enough, I had already reached out to Mause to come on to the show a while back.
Considering the timing I felt this show would be a perfect 'postmortem' of the festival just gone, to showcase some of the artists that performed at BRAINRAVE2.Coincidently, it was also Richard D. James birthday last week - who along with Rephlex label partner Grant Wilson-Claridge, coined the term Braindance in the 90's to describe not just the music, but a way of life. The artwork for this month is taken from the compilation release put out on Rephlex in 2001, titled: The Braincedance Coincidence

For those looking to delve further, Braindance News is in the process of uploading all the sets online:

Massive shouts to The Braindance Commune & Braindance News - to all the artists involved and team behind the scenes to make these things happen!

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Mause seems to be on a steamrolling mission of releasing music, you can expect to hear a bunch of his tracks in the guest mix...

Deep-dive into the releases:

XOR - npm
√∆1  -  Massage Brain Cult

Run/Stop EP & Remixes - Massage Brain Cult
Ubal EP - Analogical Force

Thanks again to mause for delivering a banging mix for this months guest slot!

Full tracklisting:

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