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chromasy w/ Gimmik - Balamii // February 2021

Former Toytronic member joins the show for a guest mix!

chromasy w/ Gimmik - Balamii // February 2021


This month sees the first ever guest mix delivered to the show by none other than Martin Haidinger.

Through a handful of aliases over the years (including Num Num, Das M & Low Profile Society), Haidinger is probably best known for his moniker of Gimmik.

During the late-90's to late-00's Haidinger ran the label Toytronic.
Releasing not just his solo works, but also his collaborative output as Abfahrt Hinwil (comprising of Martin & co-label runner Chris Cunningham aka Point 7 ).

Toytronic also saw releases from artists such as Ochre, Multiplex, Mr. Projectile, Loess, Infinite Scale & more.

After a hiatus, there were certain nods throughout 2020 of his return...

This came in the form of tracks appearing on compilations (A Colourful Storm // Above Board Projects // n5MD), as well as the deluxe reissue of Links Berge Rechts Seen on Lapsus Records (their Perennial Series has also seen reissues from the likes of Ochre, Kettel & Metamatics to name a few...).

Behind the scenes was the launch of Martin & Chris' imprint Hidden Reality, which focuses on both individual and joint projects - they have launched a YouTube channel which has seen a flurry of uploads towards the end of 2020 and into this year.

2021 has already seen Gimmik release the second part of his ambient drone series on n5MD: Deux Nouvelles.  You can expect another LP from Gimmik on n5MD soon, which is highly anticipated to lean towards the bass and bleeps sound we all know him for.

As for a new Abfahrt Hinwil release, we are yet to see/hear - but with the wheels turning on everything else, lets hope the stars align in the near future!

It is great to see both Martin & Chris returning with new material and with a guest mix from Martin suitably titled 'Back To Basics' which delves into the collective catalogue.

Thank you to Martin for being so forthcoming with the guest mix!

Warming up I go through some of my favourites from past and present.
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