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Sleep Oddities

by blume

Things I hear in my off––beat dreams (daily additions)

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Some nights, I experience something called sleep paralysis. I wake up, but I can't move a muscle. Lying in bed, I'm conscious, though I realize that strange things are happening. There's a crushing weight on my chest that's humanoid. And it's evil, or merely dazzling ––sometimes striking. I've awakened into the dream world. I find myself aroused in this reverie atmosphere for anywhere from a few seconds to ten minutes, often experiencing hallucinations with dark undertones and sound. I've always wanted to do something related to this theme, especially about the pitches I hear while undergoing these events.

In a nutshell, Sleep Oddities is a tiny summary of the digging I've been doing with this topic in mind (and I still do every day). I also recorded a mix for NOODS radio with some of these bits ––the pilot of a series that'll air during 2021. 

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