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100% Banoffee Pies Records Mix - DJ Mag

DJ Mag's Vital Label Series - 100% Banoffee Pies Records Mix (full of new & old bits >> use tracklist)

Full Interview:

How Du 'Daze' (BPLP003)
Guava 'Pitch Control' (BPLS009)(forthcoming)
Adam Strömstedt 'The 3rd Bass' (BP002)
Tom Frankel 'Terp Flavours' (BPBL05) (forthcoming)
Bailey Ibbs 'Ever Long' (forthcoming)
Cassius Select 'Sicko Groove' (BP015) (forthcoming)
Angel D'lite 'DANCE LIKE DOLPHIN (JAY Remix)' (BP014)
Tristan Arp 'Oblique House' (BP012)
Nikki Nair 'Fidelity' (BP011)
Alex R 'The Drums Pt. 3' (BPRDIGI08)
Plush Managements Inc. [D. Tiffany & Regularfantasy] 'Plush Egg' (BP009)
Gallegos 'We'll Fly You To The Ends Of The Earth' (forthcoming)
Interplanetary Criminal 'Make Me Feel' (BP010)
Tom Kami 'Rivershells' (BP007)
Lucky Charmz 'Test Tubes' (BPLS008)
Sourpuss 'Common Ground' (BP013)
Filip Szostak '23 Ghettobee' (BPBL03)

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