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The Joy: Black Canadian Artists for Juneteenth

Personal favourites, recent releases, and new discoveries.

In support of social justice, equality and change for good. Black lives matter.

Racism knows no borders — across provinces and genres in Canada, this is more than a hour and a half of mind-bending work, from the turntable magic of Toronto's own SlowPitchSound, to the many sides of Montréal's music scene with artists like Ouri and Yves Jarvis; innovative beatmakers like OBUXUM and Engone Endong; the soulful songs of Cedric Noel and Tonye Aganaba — plus marvelous work from trans artists light-years ahead of their time, Jackie Shane and Beverly Glenn-Copeland.

Support, listen, love. Thank you.


artwork by Curtis Talwst Santiago / / used with permission

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